Welcome in the Routes of the Olive tree’s, Mediterranean’s, adventure’s and motorcycling’s supporters lot !

A lot that gets bigger and bigger every day all over Greece and the mediterranean countries and offers routes through the Mediterranean area and even beyond. The olive tree is our favored leader, a symbolic tree that has an huge importance in the mediterranean economy as well as for the millions of olive and olive oil consumers.
The Routes of the olive tree’s supporters aim at making people know more about the olive oil world and wish to make contact with the other mediterranean countries, in order to fight together against the problems the olive oil regions have in common, due to economic isolation…

If you believe in the olive tree’s worths and symbols, if you like joyriding by motorcycle or if you simply want to know more about the olive tree’s civilisation and wish  to discover the mediterranean area, then this blog is yours.

Please come and talk with us, you are in the right place!