A visit to the soap museum in Saida, Lebanon, broadens our horizons as to soap history in the region that stretches out from Alepo to Nablus, its development, its manufacture techniques and its usage throughout the centuries.



The soap museum of Saida, Lebanon, is housed inside the old soap factory of Audi family, a very famous lebanese family who has created the museum.

The principal elements of the soap factory are constantly in Situ such as the huge basin and the Lixiviation basins. Other installations have been re-emerged from the past and a chronological path was redrawn.

Thus, visitors explore the different steps of the traditional olive oil soap production; raw materials, fuel and adopted practices for the preparation of the paste, liquefaction, drying, cutting into bars and final drying prior to packaging and marketing. These installations are illustrated on panels that include drawings and .


The museum is open daily except on Friday from 9:00 to 18:00.


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Two words on Saïda

Saïda is one of the most important city of South Lebanon. Well-known as Sidon, as un port Phoenician, this city was able to preserve its idiosyncratic urban fabric and its social, handcraft and cultural traditions.
It Medina, its archeological sites, fortresses, mosques, madrassas and khans award it an undeniable historical value.

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