20 July 2008: Abasha – Tbilisi

Because of the tragic death of Mikhalis Kalogeropoulos in Georgia, the Routes of the Olive Tree’s participants have had to cope with very painful days.

In such an emergency situation and because Leonidas Damouras, woundered in the accident that killed Mikhalis, had to stay in hospital, we slept under our tents in the hospital’s courtyard.

The riders have then talked about the possible continuation of the trip and the conditions that they had to expect. Deeply shocked and exhausted, 13 of them have made the choice to give up. Some of the organisation members will also go back in order to take part in their fellow traveller and friend’s funeral ceremony. We wish to thank all the riders for their participation and courage they showed in those very difficult moments.

There’s nothing but Mikhalis’ memory and energy, with his passion and determination he gave to the project, that helps us to keep on riding this route today. The expedition continues in tribute to him.

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