Taste the products of Greece!

THE Routes of the OLIVE TREE Shop in Athens inaugurated a degustation series of regional products for foreigners in Greece. This degustation was dedicated to the mixing of flavours and the discovery of the famous Mediterranean diet.


This is how a group of tourists from the United States was initiated to the diet habits and the deep passion of Greeks for their delicious olives of Kalamata and their incomparable olive oil! The region selected for the first degustation was Messinia!

In the convivial atmosphere that was created by the theme of the exchange, the team of the shop presented many selected products, their history, way of fabrication, alimentary value and also the art of living and the cuisine of Greeks.

These degustations guarantee the discovery of quality products from the best enterprises, acknowledged for their know-how and their respect to cultivated farmlands.

For the future, THE Routes of the OLIVE TREE SHOP, proud of this first experience, propose more similar workshops that will promote exchange and love for quality oil products.


More information on the degustations of THE Route of the OLIVE TREE on the site: www.olivetreeroute.gr


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