25 August 2008: Bucharest – Serres

Next morning we left Bucharest and set off to Bulgaria, a beautiful green country. Our stops in the country were short because we wanted to reach Greek borders before night and spend the night in Serres. While coming to the end of our Journey our nostalgia for the countries we had seen together became more intense. For many participants however, entrance to Greece was also an emotional moment. Probably because it meant the end of an exciting and difficult journey, maybe the most difficult one in the history of the Olive Tree Routes until nowadays…

At Serres, a very warm welcome awaited the participants at the central square of the city on behalf of the Municipality, the Chamber of Serres and the President of the local union of Unesco, Mrs. Katy Emmanouilidou, a fervent traveler and supporter of the Olive Tree Routes with her work and love.

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