New publication on the “Routes of the Olive Tree”!

2012-03-20The 29 Cultural Routes, including « The Routes of the Olive Tree », have recently been the subject of a book published by the Italian Touring Club for its members.

These itineraries that received the certification of the Council of Europe, have been chosen in order to concretely highlight “The European cultural community”.The themes of these cultural routes go from the first artistic expressions in painted grottoes to the pilgrimways, the travels of artists, as well as fundamental agricultural landscapes: vineyards or olive trees.

This guidebook has been conceived, prepared and written by theEuropean Institute of Cultural Routes (Eleonora Berti and Michel Thomas-Penette; Foreword by Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni)



Chapters of the book

Introduction: a multiple Europe

The art of the first Europeans

Pilgrims, monks and masters builders

Merchants and conquerors

Cultivators and industrials

Architects: between cities and gardens

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