In September and October the Cultural Foundation « The Routes of the Olive Tree » participated in several important events in the framework of Meetings of the European Cultural Itineraries in Athens and Karpathos (Greece), the European Day of Tourism in Brussels and the Grand Feast of Messinia, that took place in Athens… 
The Cultural Foundation « The Routes of the Olive Tree », has been recognised many times as an international and European cultural itinerary and its network, with more than 145 partners nowadays and recently authorised by the Council of Europe, was invited  to participate in three important meetings and conferences.

On 7 September, in Athens, the Foundation « The Routes of the Olive Tree » was invited by the department of International Relations of the Greek Ministry of Culture to a round table that brought together representatives of cultural itineraries in Greece, the Ministry of Culture and Touristic Development and the European Institute of the Council of Europe.
The Foundation brought up its action for the promotion of the « Routes of the Olive Tree » during the last 10 years and also presented its plans for the year 2010-2011, with special mention to the touristic valorisation of local itineraries of the « Routes of the Olive Tree », especially through the region of Peloponnese (south of Greece) and pilot programmes developed in Morocco and Lebanon.

The “Routes of the Olive Tree” attended the meeting of the European Cultural Routes on “the cultural heritage, cultural itineraries, cultural tourism, Sustainable, Cultural, Economic and Social Development, the collaborative networks and exemplary practices”, which was organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Karpathos from the 20th to the 22nd  September 2010, invited by the Karpathian Mr. Theodosis Mastrominas, ex. member of staff of European Commission
The meeting was attended by Mrs Maria Vlazaki, Director General for Antiquities of the Ministry for Culture and Tourism, Ms. Zoe Kazazaki, Head of the Directorate  for International Relations of the same ministry, Mr Michel Thomas Penette, director of the Institute for European Cultural Routes of the  Council of Europe, Greek and foreign representatives of cultural routes, that are either recognized by the Council of Europe, or in the stage of application  for recognition, as well as representatives  of the local authorities.
A presentation of recent developments and  planning of the “Routes of the Olive Tree” took place during the meeting.
2010-10-08-01On September 27 the Foundation was in Brussels, where the European Commission brings together every year the professionals of tourism in the framework of the European Day of Tourism, for a day of conferences dedicated to European cultural itineraries as new touristic forms and strategies in Europe, and their recent integration in the heart of the new tourism practices of the European Union. In this important day were present, among others, the ministers of Culture from France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Portugal, the minister of the German-speaking community of Belgium and the European Institute of cultural itineraries chosen to present the pertinence and relevance of the Programme that has implicated the Foundation since 2005.

The Foundation was represented by our collaborator Mr. Edouard de Laubrie who participated in the 4th session under the title « Tourism, Sustainable development and network » and took the opportunity to go back to the activities and projects of the Routes of the Olive Tree regarding cultural tourism, under the theme « Routes of the Olive Tree and traditional values».

The Foundation was also present through the exhibition «Europe on the Move: cultural itineraries of the Council of Europe» installed in the building of the European Union.

From 11 to 13 October the Cultural Foundation « Routes of the Olive Tree » participated in the Grand Feast of Messinian that took place in the centre of Athens (Syntagma Metro station)

This important event in the Greek capital, organised in common with the Messinian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, included several actions (exhibitions, degustation, meetings, etc.)

The Foundation « The Routes of the Olive Tree » had a central place in the Feast, especially with a great exhibition entitled « Routes of the Olive Tree: an itinerary for intercultural dialogue and development of international cooperation». At the same time, these three days they also had a stand for the exhibition and promotion of olive products sold at the shop « The Routes of the OLIVE TREE SHOP ».
Exhibition at Syntagma Station
Exhibition at Syntagma Station

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