General Reunion of the Cultural Routes Network

12/18/09 – As a network actor of the European Cultural Foundation “The Routes of the Olive Tree”, the representatives of the Foundation went to the capital of Luxembourg in order to participate in the different events organised by the European Institute of Cultural Itineraries.

Mr. Michel-Thomas Penette, director of the European Foundation of Cultural Itineraries, comes back to the meeting in these terms:

“(…) Today, on the occasion of the general assembly of the European Cultural Itineraries network, realised at the Neumünster abbey, we can confirm that the twenty five subjects awarded by the European Council allow, not only a concrete transborder collaboration between forty-nine European countries, but also cooperation with the countries at the other bank of the Mediterranean.

It is a “mild” political cooperation, in which the reconciliation praised by the European institutions begins from heritage and culture. We are offered the  possibility to cross once more the great historic transcontinental routes, discover all over again the rural areas and the landscapes of the olive tree and the vine, restore our industrial heritage, re-examine religious heritage in a spirit of dialogue and confirm the importance of linguistic and literal heritage.

For more informations see in FLASH INFO site The Routes of  the Olive tree :


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