22 July 2008: Baku

This first break in our itinerary has enabled some to rest a little and some others to visit the capital city of Azerbaidjan.This day has been dedicated to the Routes of the olive tree and the motorcycle. An olive tree has been planted by the Azerbaidjan Minister of Tourism and Sports and the Routes of the olive tree’s executive chief, George Karabatos, who is also the president of the Messinian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Motorcycling club of Baku, that had taken part in the ceremony, has then invited the Routes of the olive tree riders to a huge parade, organised in the streets of the city.

We left the city center in the evening to go towards the harbour. We got on a ferry that took us to Turkmenistan. The departure’s atmosphere was really friendly, a lot of azeris and turkmens were really amused and surprised about seeing so many riders and foreigners that were about to embark with them! They knew that thanks to us, the boat would get in Turkmenbashi harbour without being blocked for two or three days, as it is usually.

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